About Me

CONTACT: angelicabernabe64@yahoo.com


Once upon a time, in an almost nonexistent kingdom, there lived a raven-haired maiden. Whose noir locks shaped as ringlets, flew to and from the hiding rays of sunlight, lost in the leaves of the almond tree, of which her Father had abruptly build a swing. Sometimes, she would use the rope to help her climb to the roots of the highest peak of the tree where the hiding sun shone in it’s glory, hugging her little body with such force, she felt invincible. Up on the tree she saw rainbows, butterflies, heard the singing birds, felt her heart’s rhythm to the drums beating not far, and in the horizon over the kingdom walls, over the mountains, she painted a future. When the little maiden was nine years old, Her mother and father and her little sister, was to leave the small paradise called Maceio -AL (Brazil), to a much bigger kingdom called San Diego-CA. Her future was to be painted in long strokes, for the long journey she was going to embark upon.

–Angelica Bernabe




NOW : 158 lbs

Goal : 1. Lose 40 lbs

Goal : 2. Get rid of extra skin

Goal : 3. Be as happy as I am Now For Eternity






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