Pardon My French– 25 French Words/Phrases Necessary To Survive In Paris

Oh la la!

When I first went to Paris in 2014, I was so surprised at how my toddler level french helped me get around in this magical city. I was actually able to get directions to the hotel, ask the front desk lady where the best spots were to dine, to see, and to get lost in (best thing in the world is getting lost in the streets of Paris). I stayed in Paris for eight days, and I left feeling awesome about my crappy french (haha).

If you are going to France soon, here are some words/phrases that WILL help you  get around in the city of lights without looking like a deer in headlights! Also, this will refrain you from pulling out your phone (avoiding pickpocketers), and carrying a dictionary (ruining your outfit).

Bonjour (good morning) , bonsoir (good evening)– These two greetings will help you endlessly, french people are very well mannered, they just don’t like americans who assume they speak English… (C’mon guys, don’t give us a bad rep).

où se trouve  (where is)/ ou est … (where is)– This is the one phrase you MUST know before going on your trip, the possibilities are endless !


ou se trouve la seine?


ou se trouve la tour Eiffel?

ou est un restaurant?

ou est le toilet?

I often asked : ou est Laduree ?


Je Voudrais (I would like) – Je voudrais aller faire du shopping 🙂 (I would like to go shopping)


Je voudrais macarons:


Merci (thank you)– Thanking people goes a long way, just like these common words and phrases:

Monsieur, Madame ( sir, ma’am)

Si vous plait ( if you please)

Salut (hi)

Au revoir ( good bye)

Excusez–moi ( excuse me)

Je ne comprends pas ( I don’t understand)

Parle vous Anglais? ( do you speak english?)

Je ne parle pas francais ( I don’t speak french)

Manger ( eat)

Boire (drink)

Aller (go)

Oui ( yes)

Non (no)

Repetez s’il vous plait ( repeat please)

J’ai besoin de renseignements ( I need Information)

Je ne sais pas ( I don’t know)

Je suis perdu ( I’m lost)

Combien ça coûte ( how much is it ?)



Bon Voyage ! ( have a good trip!)

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