Did Someone Say Chanel?

Chanel represents status, sophistication, sensuality, power, beauty, and in certain instances, bankruptcy. (haha)

With the debbie–downer bankruptcy comment aside, Chanel is what women dream of and want, here are a couple Chanel beauty products I simply cannot live without… Brace yourselves Ladies!

Take a  Chance:


This perfume is amazing! The good thing about french perfumes is that they only require one spray and you’re set to go for the whole day. Though I don’t use french perfumes  during the day time (etiquette calls for mists, and sprays), I sometimes use this perfume in the morning, because ….Well, it’s delicious! And extremely subtle. The scent is a combination of sweet, citrus, musky, earthy, and floral.


pink pepper, lemon, pine apple,  hyacinth, jasmine, iris, amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk.

LIPSTICK : Rouge Coco Mademoiselle


As you can tell, I use this lipstick excessively at times (lol).  It’s  so beautifully delicate on the lips, leaving you felling naturally pretty, and sophisticated.

LIPSTICK: Rouge Coco Cecile


This lipstick is also one of my favorites from the lipstick line (Rouge Coco), it’s even more subtle, leaving your lips the perfect tint of pink!

MASCARA: Le Volume De Chanel


Words can not describe how much I love this product! It gives amazing volume,  it doesn’t take long to dry,  and it doesn’t leave your lashes clumpy…ever.

These Products changed my beauty regimen once I discovered them, try them out and let me know how you like them!





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